Days 3 to 9 – Bulgaria Road Trip

Frunza has moved in. The garden is her new territory and playground.

It’s amazing how quickly time goes when you’re spending it with family and loved ones. We have decided spontaneously to spend a few more days than originally planned with my mum. It’s been so good so see each other and enjoy one another’s company after all the happenings this year! 2020 has definitely taught a valuable lesson about how precious family really is!

Shawn has been off jamming with a neighbour who used to play accordeon for us occasionally when we still used to kick around Germany with the B-57s, I’ve been enjoying one on one time with my mum and Frunza has discovered a whole new universe in the huge garden.

Shawn jamming away

We are still spending long days in the garden in a glorious spell of late summer sunshine. It’s unseasonably warm and the garden is still lush and beautiful. The first signs of autumn are here, though and I spent a peaceful Mabon appreciating the apple tree at the back of the garden, bearing so heavy this year that the branches are almost breaking. Frunza found her first ever apple and decided that it makes for a perfect ball to play with.

Mabon apples…

It’s lovely to see how Frunza has settled in here. She now has an official second home. She snuggles on the sofa with my mum every night and the two are the biggest of buddies. She’ll probably be disappointed once we’re back in Seaham, where we only have a small back yard and there’s no mum to spoil her rotten.

… make a delicious apple cake with a marzipan topping

Being back in Germany always stirs up mixed feelings inside me. It’s 30 years now since I left at 19 and yet hardly anything has changed. On the one hand, that’s disconcerting because everything that got on my nerves as a teenager is still here, on the other hand it is also strangely comforting. Now, at 49, it creates a certain amount of nostalgia and also a strange sense of security, that in the storms of life some places remain a calm oasis to which to return when I need to recharge my batteries.

Being on the very outskirts of town here, almost in the countryside, means that daily life remains far more relaxed than in the towns and cities. Masks are only seen in shops and neighbours look out for each other and go about their lives as usual, self-regulating with responsibility and without needing to be told the obvious by governments. If you feel unwell you stay away, if you’re fine it’s no need to panic. The fact that in quiet areas people have the space to avoid crowds obviously helps, but generally acting with this level of care for each other should be the norm and not the exception. Then life could return to normal much more easily everywhere.

Three girls on one sofa.

My mum and I have had lots to catch up on and have enjoyed a few long girls’ nights already with good wine, stories and lots of laughter. A barbecue yesterday was already a taster of things to come in Bulgaria. Delicious meats and fresh bread with tzatziki and salad – this and lots of delicious vegetarian and vegan options will be the standard at my Inner Hippie retreat centre. There is nothing better than eating outdoors with the wind blowing in your hair!

Lots of ideas have been flooding in for the Inner Hippie retreat centre during this quiet time. The accommodation will be teepees, the food will be homegrown as much as possible, people will be able to experience the closeness to Mother Earth and the harmony this brings. In time, the Inner Hippie retreat centre will become a true meeting place and hub where people can learn how to reconnect to Gaya, a self-sustaining eco farm where all food is fresh and all activities nurture mind, body and spirit.

The Inner Hippie retreat centre in the making

Even though we’re still a long way from Bulgaria, the dream is already starting to feel much more real. I can’t wait to show you all the photos and videos once we get there! If you want to stay in the loop and get notified of new blog entries, remember to subscribe to this blog below.

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